Car Service Verona is represented by Carlo Gentili, owner of the site, and owner of the car rental company  Car Service Verona with headquarters in Via Leoncavallo 10, 37131 Verona, VAT code 03887350985 / Fiscal Code GNTCRL74M20L781L.
Car Service Verona’s passenger  transport is fully covered by insurances regularly provided by third parties (insurance agencies);  Passengers are responsible for items transported by  the vehicle such as luggage, bags or anything else. It is important to remember that the tours and
excursions offered by the company are only intended as transporting people to the desired destination and not as a tour guide organization and hotels and/or restaurants booking.

Reservations can be made by e-mail at, filling in the booking form at or  by telephone at +39 3471849185. Reservations will be confirmed  as soon as there is a further confirmation by the customer of the agreed fare.

Payments can be made in cash, credit card (Visa – MasterCard), cash machine or bank transfer. If payment is to be made by wire transfer, it must be requested in advance by sending us a copy of the CRO ( transaction reference number) including  the transfer  reference and the agreed fare.
Any changes in the agreed route and / or unjustified delays might change  the agreed fare. Our prices include fuel, motorway tolls and any  parking tolls.

The customer can cancel the reservation within 2 days of the date of the service by e-mail to and/or by telephone at +39 347.1849185. No communications by the customer about cancellation of the service will entail  the total charge for agreed amount. In the event of a customer’s failure with our driver, customer will  contact (exclusively by telephone) with Car Service Verona;  If the customer leaves the meeting point without contacting Car Service Verona, he will entail  the total charge for agreed amount. Any cancellations about aircrafts and/or trains must be communicated by the customer (exclusively by  telephone) to Car Service Verona no later than the agreed schedule. Care will be taken by Car Service Verona to check for delays/advances of aircraft and trains, and this will not make any additional costs for the customer.

Car Service Verona is not responsible for any damage or loss of the items inside the vehicle. In addition, in our vehicles smoking is not allowed (even electronic cigarettes).

Car Service Verona

Via Leoncavallo, 10 – 37131 Verona (VR)
P.IVA 03887350985
Tel.: +39 347 1849185

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